Boat Detailing

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Our Pricing

Boat Detailing

Price per Foot
  • Boat is completely washed top to bottom (Hull, Deck, Cockpit, Fly Bridge, etc.)
  • Glass and clear plastics are cleaned and polished
  • All canvas awnings and bimini tops are cleaned and protected
  • Vinyl seat cushions are cleaned and protected
  • All fixtures and railing are polished
  • Entire Captain’s area is cleaned
  • All gel-coat is protected with a one step marine cleaner wax
  • Badly oxidized boats need to be compounded at an extra $4.00 per foot charge for extra Oxidation
$20.00 – $29.00
  • Rub rail and up detail:
$12.00 – $18.00
  • Hull detail:
$12.00 – $18.00
  • Washes:
$4 – $6 per foot
  • Cabin Cleaning
  • Engine Cleaning

*Prices include sales Tax

How We Do It

Detailing your boat on a regular basis is a must, due to the saltwater that can damage the gel-coat, glass, clear plastics, vinyl, metal railings, and fixtures. Along with salt water, the sun’s rays can severely oxidize your boat’s surfaces causing it to appear chalky. If, when you run your hand over your boat’s surface it feels bumpy it is in need of a good polishing to remove the debris and fallout that was left by Mother Nature.

Once the boat is cleaned and polished it needs to be waxed. This is essential to protect your boat from many of the pollutants that can permanently harm it. Waxing is also what gives it that deep shine and wet look, making your boat stand out above the rest.

Engine cleaning is an important service for boats. It helps with their resale value and makes working on the engine much easier. For an extra fee, inboards are cleaned entirely by hand. This is the safest way to clean an engine as there is no danger of getting water in the intake. Outboards are cleaned and waxed as part of the full detail price.

The deck area is thoroughly cleaned, along with the captain’s area, and all railings and fixtures. The gauges and controls are next, with a detailed cleaning of all cracks and crevices. The vinyl seats are cleaned to perfection and than protected. All chrome and metal are polished to bring out a perfect shine. The canvas and bimini are also cleaned of all dirt and debris.

Cabin cleaning can also be performed at an extra cost. During this process all counters, seats and carpeting are cleaned and vacuumed. Any vinyl or leather is dressed and protected.