Get the best protection available for your automobile and boat’s paint. Ceramic Coatings is the newest and best paint protection ever made. It is much harder than your car or boats’ original clear coat making it less susceptible to scratches, swirls, water spots, and any environmental hazards (bugs, bird droppings, leaf marks, etc.).

It can last up to 20 times longer than any wax or sealant. It permanently bonds to your vehicle’s surface and cannot be removed by any chemical reactions including acids, solvents, or alkalines. The only way to remove it is thru abrasion such as heavy compounding or sanding. It is also hydrophobic, in that it repels liquids due to the best paint protection “angle”. This angle also prevents dirt from sticking to your vehicle, making it easier to wash it off with water.

Ceramic Coatings is a UV protectant, as are other waxes and sealants. But what sets it apart from those others is it’s longevity. Traditional waxes last 2-3 months. If you don’t wax your vehicle that often it is being damaged by the sun after 2-3 months until your next waxing, which can cause your paint to dry out, crack, peel, and fade. This does not happen with Ceramic Coatings because it essentially lasts for the life of your vehicle. The longevity of Ceramic Coatings is what sets it apart.
Ceramic Coatings, this new generation of automotive and marine paint protection, is a more durable, harder, and slicker clear coat. They are rated a 9H on the hardness scale, which is the highest rating a paint or coating can achieve. Most factory clear coats are a 4H. This means that Ceramic Coatings withstand scratching much better with an Impact Resistance as high as 80 lbs.

These Ceramic Coatings are polymer liquids that solidify to your vehicle’s paint creating a permanent bond insulating the softer clear coat for many years to come, unlike traditional sealants or waxes. To achieve this bonding process your vehicle’s clear coat must be prepped to perfection. This entails wet sanding, compounding, claying or polishing your vehicle’s surface to get rid of imperfections. This prevents any imperfections from being permanently encapsulated on your vehicles surface. Also, any debris such as fall out, break dust, oils, waxes, and tar needs to be removed from the paint surface so the coating will bond properly to the clear coat. Thereby, protecting it from minor scratches, bird dropping, bugs, UV rays, water spots, salt, and all chemicals. Ceramic Coatings are also extremely slick and Hydrophobic. Dirt, grit, and grime will not stick to your vehicle making it much easier to wash and to keep it looking great.

We offer many different Ceramic Coatings options, from a basic single coat to multiple layers of protection, with only as much paint correction that is needed to give you the look and protection you desire. Many detailers have only one maximum price for Ceramic Coatings which has priced many people out of the market. The amount of work needed to get the vehicle prepped is extensive but depending on your vehicle’s condition and your budget we can come up with a package of options at a satisfactory price.

Ceramic Coating Pricing

Ceramic Coating

For Car Truck/SUV Large SUV
  • From a basic single coat to multiple layers of protection
$400.00 – $700.00 $450 – $750 $500 – $800

*Prices include sales Tax

we recommend that at least every 4-6 months we apply a Coating Booster to your vehicle.

CERAMIC COATINGS MAINTENANCE: Even though Ceramic Coatings offer the best protection for your car’s surface they do need maintenance to keep the optimum shine, hydrophobic properties, and protection of your paint’s surface. The best way to keep your coatings in top shape is to take them through a Touchless Automatic Car Wash weekly. As hard as Ceramic Coatings are, contaminates (bugs, bird droppings, etc), can start to stick to your coatings and do some damage. We recommend Touchless Car Washes as they do not rub on and therefore are not abrasive to the coating even on a microscopic level. You would not see it on a day to day basis but over time these contaminants will inhibit the effectiveness of the coating. Causing the coating’s shine and protection to diminish as time goes on.
Besides regular washing we recommend that at least every 4-6 months we apply a Coating Booster to your vehicle. This is necessary to keep the beading and Hydrophobic properties of the coating working correctly. The Booster is a concentrated form of the coating that when applied fills in any minor abrasions to the ceramic coating. It brings back the gloss and protective beading effect of your coating to keep it looking GREAT!