Repairs + Add Ons

We fix dents, scratches and other repairs

Water spot removal – water spots are mineral deposits that are left on a vehicles surface after water droplets dry on the clear coat. These mineral deposits can stain and etch your windows and paint surface. We use acidic cleaners to break down the minerals and polishing compounds to remove the etching marks from the vehicle.

Clay detailing – “claying” a vehicle is the process of using detailers clay and lubricants on the on the surface of a vehicle to remove imbedded dirt, minerals, overspray, industrial fallout, and other contaminants that are not removed trough a traditional wash process. This makes the paint surface smooth and extremely clean and allows sealants and waxes to adhere to the paint much better.

Windshield repair – windshield stone chips are very common and if not repaired can lead to a completely cracked windshield that needs to be replaced.. we fill the small rock chips with a polymer resin which forms a bond within in the chip preventing it from spreading and cracking. This minor procedure could save you hundreds of dollars by eliminating the need for a new windshield.

Headlight restoration – dingy, yellow, fogged headlights aren’t just an eye sore on shiny freshly detailed vehicle they also reduce the brightness of the headlight making it dangerous driving at night. we sand, buff and shine the lenses back to a crystal clear finish and protect them with a polymer clear coat to protect them for years to come.

Scratch removal – minor scratches from everyday use of your vehicle are as certain to happen as the sun coming up everyday. Whether its from your finger nails or rings around door handles to rubbing against the garage door when backing out of your parking spot. Through the use of wet sanding, high speed compounding and polishing we can get most scratches down to be virtually undetectable. This can go a long way in making an old car look much younger and making a newer car look like it just came off the show room floor.

Odor removal – whether its from spilled coffee, the family pet or smoking cars can be the breeding ground of some unpleasant odors. To eliminate these odors we use a in depth cleaning and shampooing process to remove the cause of the odor and then we chlorine vapors to deodorize and sanitize your vehicles interior. This process eliminates the odor not just masking the smell allowing it to come back later.

Interior Ozone Disinfectant Treatment – Ozone is a gas that removes odors, disinfects, and destroys viruses & bacteria that it comes in contact with. It is proven to be effective at sanitizing the air and hard surfaces. Ozone breaks down the membrane walls of viruses and bacteria, effectively destroying them on the spot. It is useful in automobile sanitizing as it can get into every nook and cranny of a vehicle’s interior, unlike the more traditional method of a liquid disinfectant and a towel. Since it is a gas, ozone can enter your vents and air conditioner system to destroy pollutants that could potentially be blown into your vehicle’s cabin. It gets into the fibers of carpets and upholstery, under seats, into headliners and touches all areas of your vehicle’s cabin.  This makes it one of the best ways to completely disinfect a car’s interior. It is a stronger than bleach and kills germs almost instantaneously.

Not only does ozone sanitize, but it is also one of the most effect ways to neutralize odors. It destroys cigarette odors, pet odors, and odors from food or drink spills. Most “so called” odor eliminators only mask the bad smells with a more pleasant smell. Ozone eliminates the source of the odor and therefore eliminates the odor.

For all these reasons, ozone is an essential Add On to any Interior Detailing Package. If you truly want your car’s interior to be a safe and odor free environment ozone is for you. It cleans and sanitizes beyond what you can see for a germ free interior.

Interior Wipe On Disinfectant Treatment